About Speakening

About Speakening

Welcome to Speakening.com
Where English Language Learners Become English Speakers.

At Speakening.com, our English language learners practice their English with the guidance of an experienced native English-speaking teacher. Just imitate the instructor and you will learn the most commonly used English sentence patterns while also learning how to put these sentences together.

Not only will you learn how to speak English, but you will also learn how to understand and express what's most important to you. After working through our primary course: English for Everyone, you can increase your vocabulary by studying our new course: English for U.S. Citizenship. Even citizens can learn a lot from this course.

The short story, ESL Island: An Adventure in Twelve Tenses, offers the student an entertaining way of mastering the twelve tenses of the English language.

Future courses will include the material necessary for a high school diploma, whether the student goes to high school or elects to take the GED exam.

International college students can continue to improve their language skills by practicing with us here at Speakening.com.

Finally, daily practice of English at Speakening.com will increase the fun you will have with both your current and future friends, as your ability to communicate with one another reaches new heights.

So, click Play and start practicing English for Everyone: Lesson 1. The first ten lessons are free of charge. We are confident that after you see how easy it is to improve your English the Speakening way, you will want to join us so you can practice and improve your skills any time the spirit moves you.